How to Build

AssemblyLift applications are built using the cast command:

$ asml cast

This command will compile each function in each service using the language's build tool, and then compile the resulting WASM to backend-native binary.

In addition, asml will invoke Terraform & generate an infrastructure plan for your project. All build artifacts are serialized to the net directory.

Configuring Remote State

AssemblyLift allows you to configure the S3/DynamoDB remote state store in the AssemblyLift manifest.

name = "my-project"

# The terraform table is optional
# By default Terraform will write state to a local file
state_bucket_name = "bucket"
lock_table_name = "table"

This configuration requires that the bucket & table resources referenced by state_bucket_name and lock_table_name already exist and are correctly configured.

Using an AWS Credentials Profile

If you are deploying to multiple AWS accounts, the asml CLI will respect the setting of the AWS_PROFILE environment variable. For example:

$ export AWS_PROFILE=my-profile-name
$ asml cast
$ asml bind

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